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"So, what do you do?"

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Everyone's trying to get noticed!

Check out these mind-boggling statistics

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How do you get noticed?

here's how:

Clearly communicate the PROBLEM YOU SOLVE

It's simple, but not easy.

Introducing a new 10 Week Faith-Based Program

Created by Terri Podlenski, M.A., Brand Strategist and Designer

Get Noticed By Design is a 10 week journey to break through the cluttered marketplace and stand out to the right audience with the right message - both online and offline - in a high integrity way. When done correctly, your marketing should feel more like a gift than an unwelcome sales pitch.

You cannot (and should not try to) market to everyone. You want to get noticed by design, not by chance. You must be intentional and strategic, not haphazard and scattered.

If you worry about where your next client is coming from and find yourself on the cashflow feast or famine rollercoaster more often than you'd like, you probably don't have a clear message and strategy to attract qualified prospects. Hope and pray marketing is not a good strategy.

As an entrepreneur myself since 1990, I have made numerous mistakes...some that cost me dearly...because I didn't know what I didn't know. Since then, I've made it my quest to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to help businesses build a standout brand.

There are many ways to get expert help

DIY - "Do It Yourself" programs

There are numerous online programs and info products for self-paced e-learning. It's a $20+ billion industry in the United States alone. But the stats are in: the success rate is only 3%!

Information alone does such a poor job of helping us learn that 97% of people who buy an info product, training course or program either never open it, never get through it, or never get results. You need guidance and accountability to get to the finish line.

DFY - "Done for you" services

1:1 Custom services normally yield high results, but require a much higher investment. This is what I have provided my clients the past 12 years. I love partnering with fellow entrepreneurs to help bring their vision to life and support them in their marketing efforts. However, I can only serve a limited number effectively.

DWY - "Done WITH YOU" solutions

DWY is a hybrid solution combining the best of DIY and DFY. The Get Noticed By Design program is a Done With You solution that pulls together all the pieces I believe are essential for any business to have in place in order to be positioned strategically and market effectively.

There is great power in group learning and accountability. Statistics show it can increase your success rate seven times more than on your own. I've experienced this first hand. Participating in a group program was the turning point for major growth in my own business and the inspiration for my new DWY program.

What will GET NOTICED BY DESIGN do for me?

Be Different!

Get Noticed By Design will give you the clarity you need to simplify and maximize your marketing in a way that feels good to you and attracts the people you're trying to reach. Your content and positioning must be right in order for your marketing to work.

Don't spin your wheels sending people to your website if it doesn't turn them into customers.

No more confusion about what to do next.
Position your business strategically so you can hit the ground running!

Get Noticed By Design is a combination of training, one-on-one consulting, small group coaching, worksheets, templates and some "done for you" implementation at a fraction of the price of custom one-on-one services.

simplify to maximize your marketing efforts in 5 STEPS


  • Dive deep into your business, your ideal client, and your competition.
  • Identify the things that make you different and set you apart in the market.
  • Position your business or ministry to resonate with your ideal clients.


  • The pivotal component that guides everything you do!
  • Clarify your message so people listen and quickly know you're "for them".
  • Pinpoint the difference you make.
  • Nail your main offer and how you'll make money.
  • Be able to explain what you do in a way that peaks curiosity. (No more lofty elevator speech!)
  • Tweak your website to speak to your ideal client.


  • Determine where and how you'll show up.
  • Map your customer journey from awareness to client.
  • Create your one page marketing plan so it's clear and simple.
  • Map out your content plan for 90 days and how to repeat it each quarter.


  • Evaluate your branding to make sure it aligns with your audience, your promise and personality.
  • Create your strategic lead magnet to attract your ideal client.
  • Update your social media branding to insure brand uniformity and clear messaging.

V. Launch

  • Launch your niche landing page that speaks directly to your ideal client so they take action.
  • Create and automate your email nurturing campaign for new subscribers.
  • Take action on your marketing plan.


Get Noticed By Design is for Christian coaches, consultants, service providers, and experts as well as business-minded ministry leaders who are ready to dial in their marketing to go to the next level... to be a "King" in the marketplace. This is for you if you are ready to show up with excellence, prosper in your profession and live out your God-given potential and purpose through the work you do.


Mary Ann Mariani

"Terri Podlenski is so good at seeing and articulating what we take for granted in ourselves and the work we do.  I feel like I often can minimize my own impact and potential, but Terri reminds me through encouragement, tangible tools and feedback to take a step further down my God-given path.  She sees the potential of what we offer the world and shares it back with us in a way that feels empowering. I start to feel like “I can do this” …  I work with Terri and I feel empowered to take the next step in my journey to live out my purpose and potential, which changes me and the world!"

Mary Ann Mariani, Professional Presentation Skills Coach
Founder of Kingdom Presenters - Speak with Impact; Advance Your Ministry

why faith-based?

Frankly, the conversation is different.

The World Today
In today's crazy world of anything goes with an intimidating culture that likes to censor biblical truth, Christians need to be strong and present. God cares about the work we do and wants us to prosper and to represent Him with excellence in our spheres of influence. Successful Christians can do great things and glorify God with their money, influence and impact.

We must be careful about who we allow to speak into our life. I believe it's important to have mentors who share our values and worldview.

Information Abounds
I have invested thousands of dollars and hours studying and learning from the best in the industry about effective branding and digital marketing. I kind of geek out on this stuff. I've seen what works, what doesn't work, who is legit and who is not.

I've also sat in conferences taking in all the latest, greatest info from highly successful and influential gurus, only to be surprised and offended by some of the things said from the stage -- many even overtly anti-Christian. It cuts at the core of my spirit.

Greater Purpose
Any business can benefit from my services and expertise, but I want to equip and empower Christians to show up with excellence and compete head-to-head in the marketplace. The Bible calls us a "peculiar people", meaning we are special, unique and set aside. We are in the world, but not of the world and the world is paying attention.

I created Get Noticed By Design because I saw a gap in the marketplace. It not only provides you with the tangible business knowledge, strategies and tactics you need to set your business up for success, but it is in line with your values. My desire is to see you prosper and thrive so you can give and serve at a higher level and have a positive and profound impact in people's lives.

Mary James
"If you need someone who goes above and beyond the call, shares your passion, enthusiasm, and aims to help you influence the lives of others, Terri Podlenski and Smart Creative Lab will not only provide you with the knowledge, skills and excellence needed to achieve your goals, but the heart we all need when making decisions that are meant to impact the lives of others."  -Mary James, Christian Artist, Worship Leader, Speaker and Writer

Is this right for you?

If you're tired of random acts of marketing and no clear strategy, this 10 week journey could be a game-changer for you. Just schedule a 30-minute discovery call to see if we're a good fit. Even if it's not right for you today, I'll give you my best advice for your next best steps. Grab your spot on my calendar and let's chat!

Terri Podlenski is one of the most remarkably talented people I have ever worked with in the internet arena. Her work ethic is truly a testimony and model for all Christians in business.
Suellen Roberts, Founder and President, Christian Women in Media
Terri Podlenski is a rockstar when it comes to branding and creating marketing collateral that truly makes you stand out and set you apart from your competitors. She prices her work fairly and always over delivers.
Maria Keckler, President, Superb Communications
WOW! WOW! WOW! LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you for the spot-on page. Really nice. Love what you have done with the copy...really good edits. Can I just tell you how much I appreciate working with someone who takes initiative and comes up with something BEYOND my expectations??!!
Beth Craig, Speaker
Terri has been an incredible source of sage advice, professional counsel, and offered invaluable ministry development expertise. 
Janell Rardon, Professional Speaker and Author, Rock-Solid Families
We love working with Terri and consider her and her team a valued partner in the marketing of our business. She's creative, competent, fun to work with, and has taken the time to really learn our brand, making it easy to execute on any new initiative - whether print or digital.
Katrina Mitchell - Chief Match Maker, SPEAK! Franchise Speakers That Deliver!
Terri Podlenski has been our professional designer and marketing guru since 2008. She has helped us launch numerous special events and projects and will be over-hauling our web presence very soon. We love having her on our team!
Jacqueline Cooper - President, Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation

About terri podlenski, M.A.

Brand Architect & Online Marketing Strategist
Terri Podlenski

An entrepreneur since 1990 with a Master's in Business, I have worn every hat imaginable and been on both sides of the platform-building business over the past 20+ years... building one with my former business partner and great friend, Danna Demetre for 12 years, and helping others build theirs the past decade.

Danna and I also co-founded and operated a nonprofit outreach ministry, so I know the ups and downs, ins and outs, and have been a student of all the pro’s. I currently serve on two nonprofit boards, including Mary James Ministries and am VP and Marketing Chair for Professional Christian Women’s Connection in San Diego.

My personal purpose is Empowering Potential. Brainstorming, strategizing, digging deeper, solving problems and helping people get clarity are my passions. 

A large part of my time is spent providing franchise convention marketing and design services to a host of household name brands like Gold's Gym, Jack in the Box, Mazda, Fantastic Sams, World Gym and more. I love bringing a big event to life!

My heart is to use my expertise to help kingdom-driven entrepreneurs, experts, and professional service providers clarify what makes them unique about who they are, what they do, and who they help. Then they can find their market advantage; have the marketing collateral to back it up; and reach the people who need them most.

I am a lifelong learner, well-studied, committed to excellence and have invested substantially to stay on top of industry best practices and strategies.

There's never been a better time to grow a wildly successful business online. You just need a proper strategy to execute. I can help you figure it out.

If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world, there's never been a better time! Maybe you are already out there and just seeking better results. Or maybe you have this passion and dream in your heart, but don't know where to begin. 

Everyone is an expert at something. No matter the topic. No matter the industry.
It all starts with clarity.

If you know specifically who you serve, what problem you solve and how your solution makes someone's life better, the "how to" stuff all falls into place.

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